Tasks To Complete Before Beginning The Program

Hi everyone!

It's almost time to commence this mentoring program....

There are a few tasks I'd like you to complete please.

1. I have sent you a link to my Google Drive where you have a folder called "[Last Name], [First Name] TPDW 2018". You will need a Gmail account to use this. It should be free and whilst it is a pain to have another email address, it is actually quite easy to use and will make accessing your assignments much easier for me!

2. If you don't have a YouTube account, I suggest you set one up. All your videos will be uploaded to it and you will be pasting the link in the weekly documents for me to see and give feedback on. There are other video hosting sites but YouTube is still the biggest market and if you are going to try build an online presence, then YouTube will be on the list of things to populate so start now! You can share it publicly or as an "unlisted" video so those with the link can see it.

3. Facebook Group - you all should have a Facebook group invitation to the masterclass group. In here, you will find all the group chat. You can, of course, use the comments function of Teachable. I know only one of you that doesn't have FB so you can all participate. Please remember that it is in this group that you can share your questions and contribute to discussions. This is where the valuable nuggets of gold will be gleaned from the awesome people we have in the group. Please be respectful of each other. Some of this will be easy for you at some stage and it might be challenging at other times. One of the most satisfying aspects of working as a physio and teaching is sharing what I know with others and seeing the effect in their lives. Please share freely and willingly.

4. Notes - I will have a downloadable copy of the slides and notes each week before the talk. These will be part of your mentoring program and for your personal use only.

5. Teachable content - Please have a read of the Assessment Tasks information. The Long Term Project will need you to create a document and save it to your folder. Each week will be available after the talk and I will immediately process the video after the live sessions, compress it, upload it to YouTube and ensure it is available for you to view ASAP for those on delay.

6. Live sessions - At this stage, we will start on Sydney Time Tuesday 7am which will be Monday afternoon in USA. During the first session, we will cover the structure and answer any questions you might have to begin with. I will also see if we can plan some extra sessions at other times every few weeks so people can get time off or be awake for a live session. This is your program and I want you all to feel included in some way :) In subsequent sessions, I think a good way to go will be

  • 30mins q and a for the week before,
  • 60mins talk on the week's topic,
  • 30mins q and a for that talk to clarify any points.

Ben Palmer is a part of the group but he will also be looking out for any questions you might have by "putting up your hand electronically" or asking in the "chat" function. He will mute and unmute himself to interrupt me from time to time if he needs to point something out to me.

Otherwise, when you join, I'd love to see your face as it is easier to speak to people's faces than to a powerpoint slide! If you could mute your microphone unless you are speaking, it would be much appreciated.

7. Please remember that this mentoring program is to give you the space to think about concepts and give you time to push your boundaries. If you are familiar with the concepts, then push yourself a little further. Go deeper in the assignments. Really pull out your beliefs and challenge them. This isn't a program to teach you content - as you can see in the outline of the curriculum, the actual content is only 13hrs...my seminars contain 17hrs of content over the course of a weekend. This program is to get you thinking and changing and practically implementing what you have learned and help promote your business by giving you a safe place to practice filming, speaking, writing and analysing movement.

Ok. I think that's it for now!

I'm looking forward to seeing your on the program and joining in the discussions.